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Housing Our Major Expressionists

Affordable housing for artists!


• To provide housing to displaced artists and their families

• To provide work /studio/rehearsal space for artists

• To provide employment for artists and entrepreneurs through our market, and educational programs

• To provide nutrition through gardening, food preparation classes and the sale of vegetables, and baked goods

• To expand our provision of arts programming for youth and families in shelters, prisons, and schools

• To bridge the “digital divide” by providing computers and classes to our residents

• To provide professional and financial training and literacy to residents

• To increase the participation of community-based artists in first time home buyers programs

• To raise housing and commercial values in rural and urban communities 

• To increase the use of recycled materials in the making of art

• To keep alive the history and function of “folk art”and increase awareness of its relevance to our society

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